Deep Tissue massage is very specific and focused. It should not be painful, but may be experienced as intense.
Myofascial release focuses on both the muscle and the connective tissue that wraps around it and spreads like an endless web throughout your body. This technique uses stretch and pressure to lengthen and release the fascia so that muscles can return to their correct position and length, thereby enhancing their function.
Medical massage is targeted massage for acute or chronic conditions including repetitive strain, headaches, backaches, whiplash, fibromyalgia and arthritis.
Manual Lymph Drainage Dr. Emil Vodder's specialized technique, developed in Europe in the 1930s uses feather-light touch to support the immune system and help rid the body of wastes that can cause fatigue and pain. It is also used in the management of lymphedema caused by injury, surgery or cancer treatment. I am fully certified to treat lymphedema and fit the appropriate compressive bandages. This treatment also is very helpful for those suffering from sinusitis and allergies, but like all massage, is not appropriate for those with an acute infection.
Supportive massage for seniors and those in fragile health improves mobility, sleep and dry itchy skin. I am a charter member of the Society For Oncology Massage ( and have special training in Caring for Clients with Cancer. Safe, effective massage has been shown to reduce anxiety and depression, ease the nausea of chemotherapy and decrease the use of pain medication.