Finding ease in one’s body is the touchstone to finding ease in one’s life. Using skillful, nurturing touch in a setting that embodies creativity, I aim to facilitate release of dysfunctional patterns, restoring balance, encouraging growth and a sense of freedom that can resonate through the life of each individual.
I have worked in retirement homes and clinical settings, including 6 years as a therapist for Monroe Therapeutic Massage, P.S. at Swedish Cancer Institute in Seattle. Consequently, I am experienced in serving vulnerable populations as well as individuals and athletes who want to maximize their physical potential. I welcome referrals from physicians, physical therapists, chiropractors and naturopaths and would love to be a part of your healthcare team.
My sessions are informed by the latest published research on lymphatic issues and the benefits of massage. Your massage is personalized – it is really your massage, as my hands listen to your tissue and respond with a calming, compassionate touch. I use a range of techniques, including Deep Tissue, facial release, neuromuscular technique and Manual Lymphatic Drainage. At all times, I will do everything possible to insure that your massage is a positive experience in a safe, clean environment.
Call today to make an appointment or discuss any questions you may have about my practice.